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K-9 Prodigy

Unleash the genius in your dog

Update 5/8/21

Due to heavy demand, there's currently a wait list for new clients. Estimated start time is currently mid to late summer 2021. To be added to the waitlist, just call or email!


UPDATE 6/19/20

In-person training practices are available once again! All training will be done in outdoor locations such as a park, large backyard or other area where we can achieve social distancing. Masks, hand sanitizer and other safety protocols are also being used.

The remote training option will remain available indefinitely! It has proved to be very efficient.

In addition, there is now a "hybrid" training package with both remote and in-person practices available!

UPDATE 3/27/20: At this time, all training consults and practices are done remotely, via Facetime, Skype, Zoom or other platform. This is a proven effective way of doing training and coaching! It is less distracting to the dog and sessions can take place "in real life" during those times you need the most help. Costs are also much lower, so you will get more training more often, and pay less!

There is a free 20-minute remote consult and sample lesson to see if this something that will work for you and your dog!

$350/month: Full-time Remote Training (30 minute session every other day)

$250/month: Half-time Remote Training (30 minute session every third day)

$150/month: Part-time Remote Training (30 minute session every four days)

Call today for your free training assessment!

K-9 Prodigy offers high-quality, cutting edge and humane training methods that create accurate, reliable and happy dogs. Training is available in the Portland, OR metro area.

There are lots of training options to choose from:

-- Full-time Training ($500/month): The trainer works with your dog a minimum of three times per week in your home or out in public with distractions. This is our most intense training program, perfect for anyone who wants the luxury of a professionally trained dog.

-- Half-time Training ($400/month): The trainer works with your dog a minimum of two times per week in your home or out in public with distractions. This program is similar to Full Training, but you'll be responsible for a little more practice between sessions.

-- Part-time Training ($200/month *Current Special!*, normally $300/month): The trainer works with your dog a minimum of one time per week in your home or out in public with distractions. This option works great for the "do-it-yourselfers" who can do lots of practice between sessions.

-- Free Training Assessment: Not sure which option is best? Our free, hands-on training assessment lasts about 30 minutes and is done in your home.

-- Extra-Curriculars ($100/month or free for current students): There's an exciting line-up of self-guided extra-curriculars -- Rally obedience, truffle hunting, hiking, running and city adventure/Canine Good Citizen. Work thorugh the online lessons with personalized trainer feedback and then attend fun monthly or weekly meetups to practice your skills!