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K-9 Prodigy

Unleash the genius in your dog

About the Trainer

Trainer Linda Bane:

Linda Bane has 20+ years of dog training experience. She has raised several puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind, titled dogs in AKC obedience trials, and handled dogs in the conformation ring. In the early 2000's she was  the co-founder of Downtown Pet Project, a private dog rescue for dogs with multiple behavioral problems, and she has spent time as a volunteer trainer for the Oregon Humane Society.

In the mid-2000's she was a trainer for Paws to Freedom, an organization which used clicker-training to prepare dogs and their people for service dog work including mobility assistance, autism assistance to children and families, and seizure alert/response. She has traveled all around the Portland area to provide Dog Bite Prevention trainings to US postal employees, and she was the obedience instructor for Portland Community College Community Education for many years. She has been providing professional training services in the Portland area since 2007.

Her current interests include sports training, BAT and VLT training for fear and aggression, highly specialized taskwork for service dogs, and teaching handling skills to owners, and training truffle detection dogs. She competes and titles in Rally Obedience and Nosework.

Linda owns award-winning Golden retriever "Halo."