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K-9 Prodigy

Unleash the genius in your dog

Group Training

Check back for updates! 

Current students can participate in unlimited group training events (some events limited to Intermediate or Advanced students only.) Group training events are held inperson or online. Former students can continue the fun by participating in unlimited group training events for a low monthly fee. 


Rally Club: Train your dog to perform AKC rally obedience exercises, then get together at course run-throughs. Successful runs can be submitted to the AKC's Virtual Rally Titling Program. 

Run Club: Condition your dog to run a 5k. Both training cohorts and 5k runs in and around Portland are scheduled. 

Truffle Club: Train your dog to hunt for edible truffles in the woods, and join up for group "mock hunts" and real field events. Delicious!

Tricks Club: Train your dog new fun skills, and you can even earn training titles. Meetups to show off your tricks are scheduled.

Hiking Club: Let's get together and hike or walk in various locations in and around Portland. It's great practice with socialization and manners too.

City Adventure Club: Ongoing socialization outings with the dogs. We might go to an outdoor event or even just a dog-friendly cafe. We will also work on training for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.

Club Feisty: If you don't think your dog will do well in any of the other clubs because it doesn't get along well with other dogs, then the first order of business will be to help your dog in that situation! Safe meetups where everyone is working on the same thing should help calm things down.

Calendar of Group Training Events 

Wed 6/7/23: Run Club Spring Training Cohort Week 10 (Location TBA) @ 6 PM

Wed 6/14/23: Run Club Spring Training Cohort Week 11 (Location TBA) @ 6 PM

Wed 6/21/23: Run Club Spring Training Cohort Week 12 (Location TBA) @ 6 PM

Sat 6/24/23: Rally Club Course Runthrough (Location TBA) @ 10 AM

Sun 6/25/23: Run Club 5K (Location TBA) @ 9 AM

Wed 6/28/23: Hiking Club (Advanced Level) (Location TBA) @ 6 PM

Wed 7/12/23: Club Feisty (Location TBA) @ 6 PM

Sun 7/16/23: Hiking Club (Beginner Level) (Location TBA) @ 9:30 AM

Mon 7/17/23: Rally Club Course Runthrough (Location TBA) @ 6 PM